Table Time 11/12

From Pastor Steve’s Study

God continues pouring out His grace. Last night as it looked like Eta was coming right over us, we made a decision to cancel Table Time for today. However, this morning she had weakened and jogged north causing us to miss the brunt of the storm—again. Therefore, instead of a video, I have something on my heart to share in print.

For the past two weeks in our study of John 17 and 18, we have been discussing the words of Jesus concerning “being in the world but not of the world.” Perhaps there has never been a time when understanding this has been so crucial, especially in our current world. We desperately need to be listening for the Spirit’s revelation of the Father’s Heart concerning this subject.

On Sunday we will be in chapter 19. This is John’s account of the cross. As usual, He gives his own unique perspective, especially in the Words of Jesus. Those Words are what we will concentrate on. What is pertinent is how this specifically relates to “being in the world but not of the world.”

The most dramatic, powerful and important event in human history is the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. These two events are central for those of us who know Him. In reality it was a three-day event. In order for John 19 to have its full significance, please read and meditate on it before Sunday. You may also want to read ahead through the Resurrection.

Hope to see you at the Temple. If you cannot be present with us, the video of the service will be up Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the fullness of all God has done for you, all that He is within you, and all that He is doing and accomplishing presently.


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