Ruth House

Ruth House is a transitional shelter for up to eleven women and children in crisis. Most have a history of drug or alcohol abuse and all have experienced trauma in their lives. Residents are helped to overcome their wounds, addictions and addictive behaviors. The goal is to help residents focus on recovery through a new or renewed understanding of their identity in Christ.

Ruth House provides many services including addiction recovery, career counseling, life skills and spiritual mentoring. Mary Barber and four other women from our church serve as spiritual mentors to the residents. They meet with the ladies every week and come alongside them to love, mentor and disciple them.

The five mentoring angels commit every Thursday afternoon to the ladies that they love like granddaughters. Mary says, “We are there to love them.” They show them the love of Jesus while discipling the women in their new walk with the Lord.

Mary knows they make a difference and shared a story about a new resident. “Jennifer” had no spiritual background but knew about the Lord. Recently Jennifer had terrible nightmares that woke her up early one morning. She was crying and terribly distraught. She walked outside the house and cried out to God and asked Him for a hug. “He hugged me! I can’t explain it. Something happened. He made me whole.” Her only desire now is to know God! She was just baptized on Sunday!

Please pray for the current and future residents of Ruth House and Miss Rebecca and Miss Charlotte, the co-directors of the shelter. And please pray for the wonderful women of our Church that dearly love and mentor them.

Mary is always looking for more disciple makers, so please contact her if you are interested in becoming a mentor. For more information about Ruth House, check out their website at