Janice Byerly

Update From Janice Oct/Nov 2020

Arrival to Budapest

Greetings from Budapest where I am out of quarantine and finally getting settled! The time has flown by and I am so thankful for the two weeks of quarantine at the base to settle my emotions, rest, pray, and align my heart to God’s as we enter this next step together.

I moved into the apartment here on October 1st and spent the first week setting up house, getting utilities and internet turned on, getting a Hungarian phone number and just settling in. The second week I decided to explore the neighborhood finding the grocery store, post office, etc.

What’s Ahead…

Over the past two weeks I have slowly been meeting with individual YWAM workers here in Budapest, getting to know them, hearing about their ministries, and seeing what is working well for them and what is not. Member Care begins with relationship building and this is the part I love best!

What a privilege it is to enter the lives others, hear their heart, see what God is doing and understanding what their needs may be. I so appreciate your prayers for favor with workers, understanding of their situation and needs, and discernment and God’s strategy in helping them.

I plan to spend all of November and part of December in continuing to get to know the large group of YWAM workers here in Budapest and the outlying region. We remain currently in the red zone with Covid cases still on the rise. It is my hope that I can start the new year in January traveling to see workers in other countries in Central Europe. Please pray that my visa will be completed by then as things are moving very slowly with the government due to the virus.

Thank you so much for your love and encouragement! Please stay in touch and keep me posted on what is happening with you!

Much Love. Janice




An Update from Janice /September 2020

Testing Positive in Covid Times!

Greetings from Illinois! What a journey it has been with the outbreak of Covid-19, just as I was planning to begin ministry in Budapest, Hungary. The civil unrest, the rioting, the division and destruction, and the political mess along with a global pandemic have given us all much to ponder and pray about. Like many of you, I have been seeking God for answers, soaking in His presence and allowing Him to recalibrate my heart and my soul ~ something that I needed more that I even realized. Fear, doubt and confusion have melted away and I am reminded that He remains the strength of my life and the joy that cannot be quenched by the troubles all around me.

Some of my dear friends have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and have suffered tremendously. Many of us have not. But the real test of this time is the test of faith and holding on to who God is and all of His promises. I long to test positive in faith during this Covid time and my prayer for you is the same.

Countdown to Budapest!

This summer I have been gathering all of the correct documents in order to get my visa for Hungary. Finally, just a few weeks ago, the Hungarian Embassy contacted me saying that I could come. Europe labels countries as red (no entrance), yellow (entrance with 2 week quarantine) or green (Covid free). They said that since Hungary is yellow and the States are yellow, I could come and do not need a visa. They said I could apply when I got there.

I bought a ticket for September 16th, changed money to Hungarian forints, packed two of my three suitcases and just as I began writing this update yesterday, my YWAM leader informed me that Budapest is returning to red September 1st due the spike there and borders are closed to non residents. Hmmm… there goes that test again!

After prayer and talking to our base leader, I am going to once again apply for residency and see if God opens that door for me to enter Hungary by Sept. 16th. Can I ask you to please pray for favor with the Embassy, open doors, and a safe flight? If God opens the way, I will do my quarantine at the base for two weeks so that I can get food and will not be alone. The journey continues! I’ll let you know!

Member Care Ministry!

Thanks to Zoom and Skype, I have been able to work on Member Care to many of the 200 YWAM workers spread across the 16 countries of Central Europe. The time difference has been a challenge, but somehow we have managed. I weekly meet with my team of now 10 Member Care Staff which are spread throughout Central Europe. I am under the umbrella of the Budapest team of 25. Both teams give me accountability, as well as fellowship, prayer, and worship.

YWAM in Hungary

A while back one of my missions pastors in Florida asked me what kind of work do the 200 Central Europe YWAM workers do? I began thinking of just our little team in Budapest which seems to be three groups in one spread across the city. One third of the Budapest team works with traffiking of both women and children. Another third of the younger ones work with the homeless, run a coffee house, and run YWAM schools for Urban Ministry. The last third, which includes me, is an older group of YWAM workers doing a number of different things in the region of Central Europe for YWAM including ministry coaching, Member Care, 24/7 prayer ministry, administrative duties for YWAM, etc. The three groups also partner with the Hungarian local churches as well.

YWAM in Central Europe

Outside of our little Budapest team, YWAM team members are involved in many different ministries including: working with the Roma (gypsy) in both starting churches and doing ministry, work with refugees from Syria and oppressive nations, pioneering churches in areas where there is no Christian presence, street children and orphanage ministry, humanitarian aid, King’s Kids ministry, and more! After the pandemic, it is important for me to visit as many of these workers as possible to better understand their situations and working environment.

Why Member Care?

These workers work tirelessly pouring their hearts into their ministries. Some are in need of encouragement. Others experience conflict. Some have hit burn 0ut. Some have had great loss or are going through family problems. All experience stress, loneliness, and isolation. Member Care does debriefing, conflict resolution, seminars, workshops, evaluations and so much more. Sometimes referrals are needed. Some are in remote villages. Some in war-torn regions. Other are in urban settings battling corruption and representing God’s character and Kingdom ways that bring life, forgiveness, reconciliation, and spiritual healing.

I am not a trained counselor. Our Member Care school has given me only a small bag of tools to work with. Most of the time I am at a complete loss as to how to help these workers. Yet God calls us to lead in ways we never thought possible. This is where I am learning about the power of prayer, both mine and yours! God seems to give His strategies and ways of fixing what is broken and wisdom beyond my own. I desperately need your prayers in serving these wide range of needs!

Thank you so much for your support over the years whether financially, prayerfully, or with words of encouragement. I couldn’t do what I do without you!

Hopefully I will be sending you my new address in Budapest soon! God bless you and keep you safe!

Much love always, Janice

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An Update From Janice / April, 2020

Dear Friends,

I am sitting here looking at the date…April, 2020…and wondering how that is even possible. The two months in between this and my last email seem like a blur of events I am still trying to sort through. I pray that you are all staying home and wish I were there to drop off groceries, pick up medicine or help in some way. Despite the tragedy of this awful disease, I can think of no better time for the church to rise up and be God’s hands and feet. How encouraging it has been to see the creativity of the Body in connecting safely with one another, in serving one another and being a blessing in this present darkness.

Here is an update of the last two months on my end. I came back to the States for my youngest niece’s wedding in Virginia. What a blessing it was to see two people who are completely sold out to Jesus come together in love to serve God better. There were testimonies of God’s faithfulness and work in lives because of these two. Tears joyfully flowed, people were both challenged and encouraged and God was truly glorified and lifted high!  We drove back to Illinois and I began preparations to head off to Budapest and start Member Care ministry in Central Europe. My first obstacle was difficulty with my visa. It began to look like my early March date would need to be moved to early April. As I began to gather more paperwork for the visa, I was informed that the Hungarian border closed and only Hungarian residents were allowed to enter the country. Then the US border closed to European flights. I kept my suitcases packed until this past weekend as it finally settled in that I would not be going any time soon.

I met virtually with my team of 6 yesterday and we spent time in prayer and catching up. One team member had gone back to Brazil in concern for her family. Food is very scarce thereand because the value of the dollar dropped, it had a terrible rippling effect on their economy. Food was becoming scarce and the disease was fierce there in the capital city. She struggled to feed her siblings and parents, and was very discouraged. Her name is Sondra and could really use your prayers.

Another teammate, Carolyn, who lives in Romania with her husband and 5 children was unable to return to the States in time. The couple work in a city among the Roma (Gypsy) population who normally beg for a living. With no people on the streets to beg from, and absolutely no social distancing among them, they have become desperate and the disease has spread among them. They have begun aggressively pounding on their door for food and medicine for the virus and she no longer feels safe. She is keeping the children inside and she is deeply stressed and concerned about the growing aggression. They also need your prayers. Leaving only 4 others to do any Member Care, the team shared that they are getting calls continually from around Central Europe, from desperate YWAM missionaries. They have asked me to join them in Skyping workers who feel trapped or stressed offering debriefing and a place for them to share their fears and concerns. So from this point on, I am debriefing from my sister’s home in Illinois and trusting God to help me to do something that I feel very unqualified to do.

I am reminded how incredibly blessed we are in the States.  We may struggle to find toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but we have food. We may not have masks, but we have medicine. We have clean hospitals. And many of us have beautiful homes with yards and it is safe to go out and walk.  My encouragement to you is not to feel guilty for these things, but rather take time every single day to thank God for His many blessings in our lives! As you list them and thank Him, our joy increases and our perspective changes.  We will be better able to serve our neighbors with joy and be the light He wants us to be.

A few of you have been so faithful in financially supporting me. If your finances have been hurt by this pandemic or you have to pull back, please know that I completely understand but
would still love to have contact with you. Your prayers are what I most value!  I am eager to get back overseas where I can help people face to face but am thankful for Skype and God’s great provision of technology. I pray that you will take advantage of the access we have to send notes of encouragement and hope to those you know who are likely feeling isolated and discouraged. God has given us this unique, great opportunity to serve like never before and love our neighbors and bless them.

God bless you and keep you as you find your strength and hope in Him alone.

Much love, Janice

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(May 2019)

Hello, dear Friends!


Finally I am back in the States and eager to see as many of you as I possibly can!  April was a busy month finishing the book, writing a proposal and presenting it before the class, potential marketers, and literary agents, editors and wrapping up this last portion of the 6 month journey.


The last two weeks of May have also been quite busy flying back to the States, getting doctor appointments, physical therapy and tests set up and begun.  I have had the joy of sharing with several people in Central Illinois

during the past two weeks, this week will travel to Southern Illinois and will head up to Chicago to share with others next week.


I look forward to visiting my church family in Florida (hopefully in June) and precious friends in California (hopefully in July).  In August I am hoping to head back overseas but am still working on and praying into that.  I would appreciate your prayers for clear direction as I proceed with YWAM Member Care and writing.


I have been asked by a German worker in Bosnia to write about his work with the Roma (gypsies) in Sarajevo.  Reinhold has been working with the Roma for at least 25 years and was one of the first people I met in Bosnia almost 20 years ago.  As he and his wife near retirement, it is Reinhold’s desire to educate newcomers who plan to work among the gypsy population and I am honored to partner with him in this through writing his book.  I will also be traveling to Budapest, Romania, and Croatia to gather information with workers there who have successful ministries among the Roma and interview Roma leaders in the church.


Thank you so much for your love and support over the past 6 months!  I couldn’t have done it without you!!  It has been pure joy for me to observe some of what God is doing in different parts of the world and in His Body of believers.  One of the biggest “take-aways” for me is that missionaries are in dire need of prayer and encouragement.  I am more excited than ever to enter Member Care ministry in an effort to help preserve and restore workers through encouragement, support, listening and offering tangible help in any way that I can in order to keep them on the field longer.  I have seen how the smallest bit of encouragement can help carry weary workers a long way!  Your own correspondence with me has certainly been a help to me during these past 6 months!

I will let you know when I will be in your area and if you are free to meet, I would love to hear all that is happening with you and share some of what has been happening to me.  Words cannot express my thanks for all your prayers, texts of encouragement, phone calls and financial support.  May God bless you and keep you as you look to Him for all of your needs and cares.  See you soon!!


Much love and a big hug, Janice

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Much love, Janice

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