Dear Ones,

I look out the window of the YWAM office and it’s pouring out. They predict snow for Friday. Autumn in Boston is in full force. (BRRRRR!)
It’s a great time to send a quick note to let you know I am thankful for your partnership through prayer and financial support!
We are running an in-person missionary training school at the moment. The Lord is speaking deeply to our 8 students about his heart for evangelism. What a topic!! Pray for these young students, mostly around 18-19 yrs old!! wow!!!
We are also running a (virtual) Bible School with a local church. My deskmate is the leader and I enjoy seeing her influence young believers as they study the word together!
I am leading the charge with our English Department, and this semester our student body is from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, China and India. They connect in to class virtually as well. What a joy to see my team of teachers grow in friendship and trust with their students, excited for the moments when they see the lightbulb “go on” when their students understand the new words! My role is mentoring and leading our team of teachers. I love this shift, as it touches my pastoral giftings!
This September, I stepped into a new role at YWAM Boston as I joined a team of 5 others to head our ministry as Elders. Our primary concern is assisting Jeremy Tunney (base director) in leading the ministry spiritually. Our team leads the staff and community through prayer, discipleship and mentorship. I am the only member of the Eldership who is single. I have already had some deep conversations with some of our single female staff about walking in obedience to Jesus, in my daily walk, in love with God and others as a single. It’s my joy to take this new role at our ministry. God had been preparing me for this for some time and it was a joy-filled “yes” that I gave to Jeremy when he asked.
Would you continue to pray for me? As things progress this fall, both in the ministry and outside in our community of Somerville/ Boston, our team of leaders need much wisdom as we navigate our pandemic response well and keep influencing our neighborhood. Will you pray for us, for creative reach into our community (restrictions or not)… That God keeps us in these days (we have no COVID cases in our YWAM Boston family to date)… That our ministry will be a blessing to Somerville, New England, and beyond.
Your prayers matter. Keep praying. God is listening.